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The Riviera

South of the very town of Omiš, along almost 20 km of the coast, stretches the Riviera of Omiš, with its numerous small villages and fishermen’s ports,  offering escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Although geographically not far apart, each of the villages has its own story to tell, and each offers visitors something new and unique. Along the Riviera you’ll find dozens of grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and hundreds of private vacation rentals where you can put your feet up and relax on your sea-view balcony, which almost every house on the Riviera of Omiš boasts.


Closest to Omiš lies Nemira, a quiet coastal village situated in a bay, where you’ll be able to spend your vacation in peace and quiet, enjoying the clear sea in the shade of pine trees, away from the busy streets and crowds of town.


The village of Stanići is an old fishermen’s settlement, known for its long pebble beaches and the famous cove of Velika Luka, where you’ll experience one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Adriatic.


Right next to Stanići, you’ll find the village of Čelina –a typical Dalmatian coastal village, where people have for centuries lived from the sea and with the sea. The present-day Čelina is situated by the Adriatic Highway, and if you do decide to choose it as your holiday destination, be sure to leave an afternoon free to visit the 800 years old medieval village of Čelina, situated on the mountain above the today’s tourist resort.

Lokva Rogoznica

The more than 700 years old village of Lokva Rogoznica was, as legend has it, founded by 7 noble families which were given the land by King Bela IV , and used it for farming, agriculture, fishing and especially winemaking. In the old days, the inhabitants of Rogoznica were mostly land workers and their homes were situated high up on the slopes of the Dinara mountain. Many of the paths that the inhabitants of old Lokva Rogoznica used in order to reach the invaluable sources of fresh water on the coast are still in use today.

After the construction of the Adriatic Highway, the villagers started building their houses below it, closer to the sea, and Lokva started to develop into the famous tourist destination it is today and attracting numerous visitors  with its beaches ideal for relaxation, its untouched nature and a bit of history you can experience when visiting the old village of Lokva and its numerous old chapels, some built more than 500 years ago! Especially interesting is the Church of Holy Vid, situated at the very peak of Omiška Dinara (at 639m above sea level) , which can be reached by a well-maintained walking trail, ideal for an afternoon or early-morning walking tour. Another interesting fact about Lokva Rogoznica is that, up until the 2nd half of the 20th century, many of its inhabitants lived from excavation of sand from the sea bottom –  so called salbunjerstvo  –  a special traditional technique of sand digging which is extinct today. Also, according to some sources, it was precisely at the territory of Lokva that the medieval Code of Rogoznica (13th century) was written,  as one of the oldest  legal documents of the region.

Medići and Mimice

No more than 10 kilometers from Omiš and 25 kilometers from Makarska lie the villages of  Medići and Mimice, two typically Mediterranean places which complement one another perfectly. In Medići you will find peace and one of the most beautiful beaches of the Omiš Riviera. The fine gravel and –  due to favourable currents – always perfectly clear sea  are what keeps a growing number of visitors returning to Medići each summer. And once you’ve had enough of the somewhat Robinson Crusoe-style vacation in Medići, an easy ten minutes’ walk away you’ll find Mimice – the prefect holiday getaway known for its many restaurants and taverns, grocery stores and local fishermen who will be glad to supply you with the freshest and most delicious fish at very affordable prices. Monuments by the Church in the old part of the village stand as witnesses of  the more than three-hundred-year long history of Mimice and the spirit of the past can be felt at every step through its narrow alleyways lined with old stone houses. In recent years the old village of Mimice has been revived by the already widely known “art colony” – a well organized painting and sculpture workshop where, inspired by the amazing scenery of Mimice, you are bound to  boost your creative flare.


Although relatively small, Marušići are a village of numerous beaches and hidden coves – from those interesting pebble and gravel beaches ideal for families with children, to secluded ones, perfect for couples bound to enjoy the intimacy provided by the lush Mediterranean vegetation.


The farthest point of the Riviera of Omiš is Pisak – a true oasis of peace and, according to many, one of the most beautiful places of the Riviera. The inhabitants of Pisak are renown fishermen and the area is also famous for the production of premium quality wine and olive oil. Although relatively small, the village of Pisak offers its visitors both sandy and pebble beaches and it is widely known for the nearby famous cove of Vruja – one of the best locations for diving and spearfishing on the Adriatic.

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