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25 things you must see and do while on vacation in Omiš!

Omiš is so much more than just sea, sun and beautiful nature. We often hear travellers who have spent many summers in Omiš talk of having discovered some new incredible thing to see or do that they somehow missed before. Although Omiš is a small town, it takes time and effort to discover all of its gems, some well displayed, some hidden even better. While it is perfectly fine to spend your whole vacation just lying on the beach and relaxing - to fully capture the spirit of the town and its people and to be able to say you have truly been to Omiš - there are many things you must experience. Here’s the full list, just for you:

  1. Visit Mirabela at sunset
  2. Experience sunrise up on the Fortica fortress (be sure to have enough water and proper footwear)
  3. Visit the beautiful Cetina river canyon and Radmanove mlinice
  4. Find a hidden river island and take a swim in the Cetina river
  5. Visit the Mile Gojsalić monument
  6. Visit the Shrine of St. Leopold Bogdan Mandic in Zakučac
  7. Take a hiking tour from Zakučac to the Cetina river canyon
  8. Reach Imber, the summit of Omiška Dinara
  9. Taste Poljički soparnik
  10. Visit St. George’s church in Gata (you’ll see why once you get there ;))
  11. Compete in one of the Dalmatian Trail League races (ImberTrek and Mosor Grebbening) and Dalmacija Ultra Trail
  12. Try snorkelling or scuba diving at Vruja
  13. Spend the night on the beach and watch the Perseid meteor shower (in August only)
  14. Learn what ‘Fjaka’ is and spend at least one afternoon in the state of Fjaka
  15. Participate in at least one Fishermen’s night celebration
  16. Try zipline!
  17. Try rafting
  18. Visit at least one place along the Omiš Riviera (Stanići, Lokva Rogoznica, Mimice, Marušići, Pisak…)
  19. Drink a shot of Rakija with a local (18+ only)
  20. Watch a Hajduk Split match with a group of locals
  21. Drive a boat and take a swim halfway between Omiš and Brač (try this only if there is no wind!)
  22. Try canyoning!
  23. Try windsurfing!
  24. Listen to a Dalmatian klapa performing live
  25. Catch a fish or squid!