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Omiš in a week

Did you know that most tourists spend a week in Omiš? You did? And did you know that most tourists regret one thing after spending a week in Omiš? The fact that they couldn’t stay a week longer ;)

If you are spending a week in our town, this is what you could do with your time:

The first three days are reserved for getting to know Omiš and its immediate surroundings. A walk through the old part of town, a visit to the most popular landmarks (Mirabela, Fortica) and a trip to the Cetina canyon are things you simply shouldn’t miss.

But one of the greatest advantages of Omiš is its location. When in Omiš, everything is virtually at your fingertips, which is a really good thing when spending your vacation in a region such as Dalmatia, where at every corner there is a beach, a cove, a town or a famous landmark simply worth a visit.

For example, only 25 km north of Omiš lies the second biggest city in Croatia – the city of Split. With its famous Emperor Diocletian’s  Palace, the beautiful sea promenade Riva and the charming old town, Split is sure to make an impression on you.

Right next to Split you’ll find Trogir, another pearl of the Adriatic and a town of such extraordinary beauty that today it is referred to as a living museum. The most impressive landmarks of the old part of Trogir include one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Croatia, a medieval castle, numerous turrets of the medieval town fortifications and many other old buildings standing today as reminders of the contribution of various settlers that inhabited the town throughout history – ancient Illyrians, Greeks, Romans and Venetians.

It’s also no more than a two- or three-hour drive from Omiš to cities such as Šibenik, Zadar and the famous Dubrovnik, and in less than two hours you’ll reach Međugorje, the world-known Marian place of pilgrimage situated in the neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Located below the great mountain of Omiška Dinara, Omiš is an ideal place for recreational sport lovers of all ages, interested in spending their vacation enjoying walks through pristine nature. Adrenaline junkies will simply love adventure activities such as canyoning, zipline or free climbing, and there is also a growing interest among tourists in general for the constantly increasing number of theme trails on the town’s territory.

Whichever direction you look in from the centre of town, chances are there is a theme trail or a marked path nearby that will take you through untouched nature – to wherever you like!  Each of the existing marked trails have a number of vantage points offering amazing views of the town of Omiš, the nearby Dalmatian islands, the Cetina canyon or the almost surreal narrow pass between the two mountains through which the Cetina pushes its way to the sea.

A day of your stay in Omiš should definitely be reserved for exploring the available theme trails and mountain paths. But be careful! Although most trails are really well-marked and can be successfully negotiated even by small children, safety nevertheless comes first. Set out to explore mountain trails wearing a comfortable pair of shoes, with enough water at hand and by daylight only!

Almost every inch of the Riviera of Omiš is suitable for swimming, but some parts of the coast are practically inaccessible by car. The most wonderful coves of the Riviera are quite well-hidden and the only way to discover them is - from the open sea. Renting a boat or a kayak for a day will enable to explore the coastline in more detail, to take a swim wherever you like and, best of all, spare you from worrying about finding a parking spot near the beach.

A boat or kayak ride gives you absolute freedom. You can spend the morning sunbathing in a secluded cove somewhere, be swimming in the deep big blue halfway between Omiš and Brač around noon, and drop anchor by the terrace of one of the many beachfront restaurants along Riviera in the evening. Or – how about casting a hook instead and catching your dinner yourself while peacefully sailing the open sea?

When at sea, a brand new experience is always just seconds away.

And finally – something really special! Some twenty kilometres south of Omiš , hidden deep within the Cetina canyon, you’ll find Velika and Mala Gubavica – two waterfalls under which you can even take a swim!


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