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Omiš in a day

Omiš in a day

The Cetina River slowly cut her way through the mountains for thousands of years to form one of the most impressive canyons in Europe, old pirates spent decades putting up stone on stone, building fortresses with the most stunning view in world, waves worked away at the shore for hundreds of thousands of years, crushing rocks to create dozens of beautiful sandy beaches and secluded coves, only for you to decide to see it all in a day? ;)

Oh, well, all right then. We won’t hold a grudge against you. Even if you’re just a passer-through, Omiš offers plenty of natural attractions and amazing activities you simply have to experience. 

If you’re staying in our town just for a day, this is how you could spend it:

1. A walk through the old town
One of the special things about Omiš is the fact that a walk through the entire old town will take you no more than half an hour. However, walking along its centuries old alleyways, almost at every corner you’ll discover a quaint little restaurant, a piazza, a church or some other historical monument.  Although quite small, the town’s numerous narrow alleyways make it pretty easy to get lost in it. But don’t worry, wherever you end up wandering, it’s just a matter of time when you’l l spot something worth every step taken.  

2. A visit to Mirabela
A visit to the 14th century pirate fortress above the old town is definitely something you shouldn’t miss while in Omiš. It’s no more than a five-minute walk from the central Omiš square to the top of the fortress offering a magnificent view over the entire town and the nearby island of  Brač.
The easiest way to reach Mirabela is by a set of stairs leading up to it directly from the entrance to the Parish Church of St Michael. Just remember to prepare some change before your climb, since the ticket to the medieval pirate fortress will cost you no more than 15 HRK.

3. A trip to Radmanove Mlinice
The town of Omiš developed at the place where the Cetina river meets the Adriatic Sea. In order to reach its final destination, on its more than a hundred kilometers long way to the sea, the Cetina had many obstacles to overcome and thus created a one of a kind winding course full of rapids, waterfalls and hidden beaches. The Cetina canyon is one of the most beautiful in Croatia, and especially impressive is the part near the very mouth, where the river pushes its way to the sea through a narrow passage between two mountains.

One of the best ways to truly experience the canyon is on a sightseeing boat trip. Only while fighting your way upstream through unspoiled nature will you be able to truly grasp the magnificence of the river. And the best thing is – all this just a few hundred meters away from crowded streets of the town, which will seem miles away to you, once in the Cetina canyon.

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