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Omiš 365

Things to do in Omiš - summer

Summer is obviously peak season for tourists coming to Omiš and there is an incredible variety of activities offered at every corner in this most lively part of the year.

Relaxation and sunbathing are the most obvious choices in hot summer days and also two of the main reasons why many tourists come to town. Virtually all of Omiš’s riviera is suitable for swimming and sunbathing and a useful rule of thumb is - if you go south (in the direction of Makarska) you’ll see pebble beaches, if you go west (to Split) you’ll see sandy beaches (the longest stretch of sandy beaches in Croatia, to be more exact).

The Festival of Dalmatian klapa is a cultural trademark in Croatia and it takes place in Omiš during summer months so if you have a chance - definitely buy your ticket for a night of a cappella singing inscribed on the UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Summer events you should by no means skip in Omiš are: Omiš Cultural Summer, the Pirate Battle, Ostinato  International Chamber Music Festival, fishermen's evenings in Mimice and Medići, the cultural events of Ivo Marjanović Days...


Things to do in Omiš - autumn

Early autumn is the most favourite time of the year for many locals. There is even a (hardly translatable) term for this period - Bablje lito (literally, Old Women’s summer, actually Indian summer). It’s a period of prolonged warm and sunny weather outside the high season that usually occurs in late September or early October. Bablje lito is arguably the best period of the year as you get all the perks of summer, but the streets are not as crowded.

The sea is still warm, so swimming and sunbathing are perfectly viable options, temperatures are high (but not too high) and everything becomes a bit more affordable as soon as high season ends. So, it is no wonder autumn is becoming a more and more popular period to visit Omiš, especially knowing that many outdoor activities the town has to offer are just too exhausting for most during hot summer days.

Mountain trails, exploring the Cetina River canyon and the town’s hinterland - there is no better time to embark on adventures like this than early autumn, while in late autumn there are seasonal activities such as picking olives by hand - a tradition more and more tourists are enjoying each year - especially when they come home with bottles of olive oil, an essential part of Dalmatian cuisine. The most famous local events in autumn are: Dalmacija Ultra Trail, Mosor Grebbening and Omiš Half-Marathon.


Things to do in Omiš - winter

The only time of the year you can see empty streets in Omiš is - winter. Although usually very mild with temperatures rarely reaching below 5 degrees Celsius, winter it is the time when it might seem like the whole town is asleep. Especially when there is the notorious Bura wind blowing between the Omiš mountains.

But then comes Christmas and Omiš suddenly becomes a place from a fairy tale. In a small town like this it is much easier to create the unique and warm Christmassy atmosphere where everything and everybody seems so jolly. Virtually every street of the old town is full of Christmas decorations and in December/January there is a Christmas fair with mulled wine, sausages, and live-band performances almost every night.

While most towns in Croatia have Christmas fairs, it is not so common that the whole town is one big fair and it’s just that small-town “everyone knows everyone” atmosphere that makes Omiš stand out in this time of the year.


Things to do in Omiš - spring

Pristine nature with mountains, river, and the sea - all in one place - is the small town’s most distinguishing feature and there is just something magical about nature awakening from its winter slumber in Omiš.

It is the time of year perfect for outdoor activities and if you are feeling competitive there are plenty of cycling, hiking and trekking races you can participate in. Competitions such as Imbertrek and Jesenice Trekking have been gaining popularity in recent years and are now attracting hundreds of nature-lovers, recreational runners, and even professional athletes to Omiš.

Despite formally being races, most competitors put less value into the time it takes them to finish a trail run than into the time actually spent on the mountain with their families and friends, enjoying nature and spectacular mountain-top views.