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Photography Contest "Why I Love Omiš"

Photography Contest "Why I Love Omiš"

for the best photos captured in City of Omiš


Omiš Tourist Board (below: TB) invites all creative photographers, amateurs and professionals, to apply for the photo contest "Why I Love Omiš" for the best fairytale photographs, photos of natural beauty, cultural and natural heritage, historical and traditional structures, local customs, etc. from the area of the Omiš Riviera and all small places and villages belonging to the area of Omiš.

The best photos will be rewarded with valuable prizes and all of the photos will be posted on official social networks by TB.

The purpose of the contest is to show the beauty of Omiš through all seasons and to promote Omiš as a wonderful tourist destination.

Photo challenge is open from December 5th, 2018  until January 31st, 2019.


After closing the Photo Contest application period, two types of prizes are awarded: Audience Awards and Jury Awards.

• Audience Awards: Based on public voting through the official Facebook page Visit Omiš for the three most liked photos with the status on February 1st, 2019.

1st place prize: 3 overnights (breakfast included) for 2 people at Hotel Plaža, Omiš in the period 01.03. – 01.06. or 15.09. – 15.11.2019. (pre-booking is necessary)
2nd place prize: Photo camera Nikon COOLPIX B Black
3rd place prize: 300,00 EUR

• Jury Awards: The jury will select the three best photos. All submitted photos to the photo contest each member of the jury evaluates with points from 1 to 10. Photos that will be scored with 25 and more points, enter the shortlist for the winners. Award winning photos will be featured on the official TB website and Facebook page Visit Omiš.

1st place prize: Photo camera NIKON D5300 KIT AF-P 18-55VR black
2nd place prize: 3 overnights for 2 people at the mobile homes camping Galeb in the period 01.03. – 01.06. or 15.09. – 15.11.2019. (pre-booking is necessary)
3rd place prize: 300,00 EUR

Announcement of the results and awarded authors, will be held on February 14th, 2019.

Prizes are powered by Omiš Tourist Board.


The contest "Why I Love Omiš" allows authors a wide creative expression. Photos must be taken exclusively in the area of the City of Omiš, ie. the Riviera and settlements belonging to the area of Omiš. Photos with its natural beauties, cultural and natural heritage, traditional buildings, inspirational local customs ... that best describe and note specific or common moments from Omiš.

• An individual can send up to 3 photos within this Photo Contest.
• Participation is open to photos that were not recorded earlier than 2014.
• Photos must be sent using the online service for transferring large files (Wetransfer, Jumbomail or similar - send us an e-mail containing a link to the photos together with your personal information) to the e-mail address:
• Photos must be exclusively in digital format, in high quality JPG format - minimum dimensions of 2500 pixels (height or width of the photo), a resolution of 300 dpi (photos can be taken with an analogue camera, however it should be submitted in digital format).
• Photos will be updated on the Facebook page Visit Omiš on a weekly basis in the order of arrival.
• We do not accept false photographs (photo edits that contain installed objects…)
• The name of the photo should include: name and surname of the author, the name of the photograph as well as the year when it was photographed.
• Photos may not contain any text messages or signatures.
• Photos that do not meet the technical requirements will not be accepted.

The author is personally responsible for the motive shown in the photograph. The author guarantees that the photograph was taken at a location in the area of Omiš. The author guarantees that there are no third party rights and that any third party claims will be dealt personally and at no additional charge.

The author (the contest entrant) allows the contest organizer a management of copyright in the area of reproduction, distribution and public exhibition of these photos to TB and its partners, sponsors and media - temporally, spatially, dimensionally and quantitatively unlimited, in any electronic, printed or other media for the purpose of promoting the City of Omiš and the author himself. For such use of the work, the author waives fees in any form, as well as the right to claim a royalty fee.
Any time TB  uses the photos from the Photo Contest, TB is obliged to indicate the author.
The content of the Photo Contest “Why I Love Omiš” will be published on the official TB website.


By submitting to the Photo Contest and uploading photos, the author gives the organizers of the Photo Contest the consent for the collection, processing and storage of personal data for the purposes of the Photo Contest "Why I Love Omiš". The data will be used to identify photos and for information on the results of the contest and communication about taking over the prizes.
The data collected will not be forwarded to third parties.

Winners of photo contest

Jury awards:

1. Danijela Stefinac: Na trgu, captured in 2018.
2. Zvonimir Kujundžić: Photo 2, captured in 2015.
3. Leo Tomić: …divno je i ne događa se često, taman da sam o njoj ovisan… captured in 2016.

Awarded by the AUDIENCE:

1. Dino Tomić: Photo 3, captured in 2018.
2. Dino Tomić: Photo 2, captured in 2018.
3. Zdenek Šustaček: Photo 2, captured in 2018.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for being part of the contest!

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