Welcome to Visit Omiš

How to reach us?

Omiš is situated some 25 kilometers south-east of the biggest city in Dalmatia, the city of Split.  The town is quite well connected with other parts of the country in terms of traffic and, depending on your preferred mode of transportation, there are several ways to reach us.

By car:
Whatever direction you may be travelling from, you’ll probably spend at least a part of your journey on the A-1 motorway, from which you can choose any of the 3 exits that will take you to the centre of Omiš in no more than half an hour.
If arriving from the direction of Zagreb, you will exit the A-1 motorway at Dugopolje and head in the direction of Split where you will connect to the D-8 state road. And – that’s it! In about a half an hour of easy drive you’ll find yourself in the centre of Omiš.  Alternatively, you can exit the A1 motorway at Blato na Cetini , and take the D-70 state road through the villages of the Omiš hinterland – and you’ll be at your destination in no more than half an hour (not recommended for campers and other biger vehicles).
If traveling from the direction of Dubrovnik, the key word is once again  D-8, the road virtually passing through the very centre of Omiš.  The drive from Dubrovnik  to Omiš will take you some three hours, whereas from Makarska, which is only 25 kilometers southeast  of the town, you should arrive to Omiš in some 25-30 minutes.
Alternatively, if you are traveling from the south along the A1 motorway, take the Šestanovac exit and follow the D-39 state road to the sea, at which point you will continue your journey to Omiš along the  D-8.

By bus:
Being situated only 25 kilometers southeast of the second biggest city and transit centre in Croatia, Omiš is quite accessible by bus. You can buy a direct bus ticket to Omiš from most other towns in Croatia, and the town is connected with Split by several regular local bus lines.  Buses of several transport companies depart regularly from the central bus station in Split in the direction of Omiš (for the bus schedule please ask at the central station’s info desk or check the web site , while two regular bus lines (line No. 60 of the transport company Promet and buses of the transport company Dalmatinac)  run from the centre of Split (near the big open market)   in the direction of Omiš at 30 minute intervals.

By plane:

The closest airport (Resnik) is situated in Kaštela, 41 kilometers from Omiš. Take the shuttle bus from the airport to the central bus station in Split, from which there are regular departures to Omiš every half an hour or less.

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