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The Pirate Battle

The Pirate Battle

All those spending more than a day in Omiš are likely to get at least a glimpse of the town’s glorious pirate history. But only the ones lucky enough to find themselves in Omiš in mid August will get a chance to experience first-hand   what the everyday life of pirates looked like more than 600 years ago.

Oh, yes – every year on August 18th the port of Omiš becomes the venue of an actual – pirate battle! Well, OK – a reenactment of an actual pirate battle that originally took place in the 13th century, if you really want to split hairs about it ;-).  But once you witness the clash of two huge sailboats only a few feet away from you, accompanied by the deafening roar of canons and flintlock pistols, you’re bound to believe you are truly in the midst of an actual sea duel.

But, no worries, however convincing the actors may be, this is nevertheless just a well-directed show. The only thing you really should worry about is having enough storage space on your camera to capture all the stunts, falls and sword duels between the pirates and their most hated enemies, the Venetians.

Over a period of just a few years, the Pirate Battle has become one of the high points of the town’s tourist offer, a true sea spectacle attracting more than 10,000 visitors to the Omiš port each year, which most of them leave completely thrilled. And how wouldn’t they? Swords, flintlock pistols, theatrical plunges into the sea and a clash of two huge sailboats. The Pirate Battle is a free Hollywood blockbuster taking place right before your eyes.

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