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“Explore our selection of FREE events for all generations that will be taking place all summer long - from June 6th to October 1st”

Regardless of whether Omiš has been your favorite summer destination for years or you have only just started planning your first visit to our picturesque town, both regular as well as first-time visitors are in for a treat this summer!

Following the success of our other events among which Omiš Cultural Summer, Festival of Dalmatian Klapa Omiš, Omiš Half-marathon, this year we invite you to join OMIŠ SUMMER FREI - our selection of FREE events for all generations that will be taking place all summer long - from June 6th to October 1st! This is your opportunity to enjoy the beach, take in the breathtaking landscape as well as to learn about the heritage and tradition we’re so proud of.

For those vacationers who choose it as their warm-season destination - Omiš has plenty in store for an all-encompassing and completely free experience of a summertime!

Summertime plans are unimaginable without a number of beach props - just like the ones included in our varied and exciting culture and entertainment program.  It is time to start filling your beach bucket list with amazing memories to experience 100% of what Omiš has to offer.

What is more, there is no need to make reservations, all you need to do is check out our daily events and show up to dive into the best of what our location can provide.

OMIŠ SUMMER FREI bursts with cultural, entertaining and educational happenings bound to enrich the Omiš holidays of all music and movie lovers, history fans, foodies, families as well as anyone traveling alone or in groups. Here is a list of events we have selected for you!


Hop into guided summer-long learning!

Every Monday, 9 AM 

When you hear the sound of flip-flops on Monday mornings - you know it’s time to join a free 1-hour guided walking tour, which will lead you through the main streets and sites within the Omiš city center. Listen to and ask questions about the fascinating history of Fortress Mirabela, Poljica square, the churches of St.Michael, St.Roch and Holy Ghost, as well as the unmissable House of a Happy man. The tour starts just in front of our Tourist information center, Fošal 1A.


Apply gently under the stars

Mondays, 9:00 PM

When the sun sets and you find yourself still gravitating towards the beach, just know that many summer nights in Omiš are reserved for your special date with Hollywood stars under the stars - our movie screen will be waiting for you on most Monday nights, starting June 27th, right at the central city beach! No need to book your seat, just join us at the beach and don’t forget to bring popcorn! All the movies are provided in the English language.


Apply workout & fun to your beach days! 

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11 AM

Starting July 5th, some mornings are dedicated to your fun workout routine. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen for a 30-minute hit Aqua Aerobic session on the main city beach - all generations are invited. Get a hold of some great dance moves dipped into our crystal-clear sea, you will get a chance to tone your muscles with easy exercise and without putting any strain on your joints. Make the most of this short but invigorating workout and happily return to your regular beach activities!


Fill in your kids’ time at the beach! 

Wednesdays, 7:30 PM

From puppet and clown shows, to painting workshops and sports activities, on Wednesdays your kids are in good hands - just a few meters away from your beach towels, on the central city beach. This is a day when you can finally leave your beach equipment at home as we will be the ones providing your little ones with props and recycled materials, as well as lots of fun lessons on Omiš and its marine life!


Let traditional a cappella singers melt your heart!

Thursdays, 8 PM

The first few notes you hear sung on the streets of Omiš will reveal why traditional ‘klapa’ music is listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This unique evening experience is not to be missed. Locations will vary, but you are sure to find our favorite traditional singers within the familiar streets of the city center, each Thursday, starting June 16th.


Leave your towels behind & hop into Omiš heritage!

Tuesdays, 7 PM

Late Omiš afternoons are best when exploring the Historical Museum of Poljica in the company of our costumed guide, embodying the local heroine Mila Gojsalić. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the powerful story behind her legend, as well as the fascinating autonomous community Republic of Poljica during the Middle Ages and its unique social arrangement, which is said to have served as an inspiration for Thomas More’s - ‘Utopia’. Just a short drive will take you inland and bring you back in time to show you what life was once like.



Ride the waves of traditional food & music!

July 9th, July 22nd, Aug 7th, Aug 20th, 8 PM

The scents and sounds of our heritage will guide you to a special open-air culinary and music event on the central city beach, where you will get the chance to witness the process of preparing traditional ‘soparnik’ - a mouthwatering savory pie based on the flavors of olive oil and chard. Soparnik has been regaining popularity recently, especially among vegans! Its preparation will be accompanied by free folklore dance shows. Don’t miss this exciting event for both food and music lovers, starting July 9th.


Yes, we told you - your free summer options are plenty! We are happy to provide you with what you need to make the most out of your stay in our location - and once again, thank you for choosing Omiš as your summer 2022 destination!

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