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Put Porta 102, Pisak
M: +385 (0)98 497 278
E: lada.kuzmanic1@gmail.com
W: www.villa-porat.com

konoba porat

konoba porat

Pracovní doba: 10.00-23.00

Otevřeno: 01.06. - 30.09.

Our tavern is located on the coast, surrounded by beaches. We offer traditional Dalmatian as well as modern dishes. Daily fresh fish, meat and vegetables are prepared in the Dalmatian way. Visit us and see for yourself

Tradiční kuchyně Pizza Ryba Grilované pokrmy Těstoviny Riviéra U moře

Ribarska 3, Omiš
M: 098/858-827
E: renatoblahut@gmail.com



Pracovní doba: 13:00 - 23:00

Otevřeno: 15.6. - 01.10.

Obiteljska pizzerija s dvadesetogodišnjom tradicijom.

Pizza Ryba

Vangrad 1-3 , Omiš
T: +385 (0)97 752 4850
E: ivanpivcevic98@gmail.com

restoran libero

restoran libero

Pracovní doba: 10:00-00:00

Otevřeno: 01.06.-01.10.

Libero Restaurant is located in the city center near the city gates, where you can enjoy the outdoor terrace of the restaurant with a handful of stones, greenery of flowers and live music with a guitar. In addition to the pleasant ambience provided by the old part of the town of Omis, we offer lunch and dinner services in a combination of Mediterranean, modern and Croatian cuisine. We hope that you will find a dish for yourself and at the same time enjoy the service of local waiters and the ambience of the old town.

Ivana Katušića 6, Omiš
T: 098/955-94-58
INS: monkey_bar/ FB: monkey bar

monkey bar

monkey bar

Pracovní doba: 07:00 – 24:00

Otevřeno: Hospoda po celý rok; restaurace sezónní: 01.05. – 01.11.

Located on a frequent position in the old city center of Omiš, Monkey bar is a pleasant, pet friendly and fun-loving bar with a devoted team of local bartenders and chefs spreading the word about the good times, refreshingly good cocktails and amazing local food with a whole lot of jungle love. A place designed for a pleasant and great night out with family or friends. It's called the "Monkey Bar" for a reason! Escape the hustle of the city and enjoy a dinner and a drink in an old town jungle.

Centrum Dezerty Veganské Přátelský mazlíček Vegetariánský Ryba Grilované pokrmy Těstoviny Snídaně Moderní kuchyně

Stara cesta 3, Lokva Rogoznica
T: +385 (98) 875 838
E: karlo.kovacic.posl@gmail.com

konoba berekin

konoba berekin

Pracovní doba: 15:00-22:00

Otevřeno: Sezonski od 01.06.

Our tavern Berekin is located in the old village Lokva Rogoznica near Omis. From the tavern is a beautiful view of the island of Brac and 100 km of coastline. Here you can choose from a variety of indigenous, traditional Dalmatian dishes, prepared from fresh ingredients that we purchase from local family farms. Traditional appearance, local, local food and beautiful views, good atmosphere and friendly staff are what makes our tavern truly special and worth a visit. In addition, we have been producing craft beer since 2008. We always offer several different types of beer, among which everyone will find a taste for themselves. We strive to ensure that every guest truly enjoys the complete experience we offer.

Matije Gupca 1, Omiš
T: +385 (0)91 547 7790
E: andreacat1318@gmail.com
W: pizzeria-pjero.etbau.hr

pizzeria "pjero"

pizzeria "pjero"

Otevřeno: Sezóna

Centrum Dezerty Přátelský mazlíček Vegetariánský Pizza Ryba Grilované pokrmy
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