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A. Starčevića 4, Omiš
M: 091/517-05-28
E: matej.popovac@gmail.com
FB/Inst: Restoran Bedem



Pracovní doba: 18:00 – 00:00

Otevřeno: 15.06. - 15.10.

Centrum Tradiční kuchyně Dezerty Přátelský mazlíček Vegetariánský Pizza Ryba Grilované pokrmy Těstoviny

Ivana Katušića 6, Omiš
T: 098/955-94-58
INS: monkey_bar/ FB: monkey bar

monkey bar

monkey bar

Pracovní doba: 07:00 – 24:00

Otevřeno: Hospoda po celý rok; restaurace sezónní: 01.05. – 01.11.

Located on a frequent position in the old city center of Omiš, Monkey bar is a pleasant, pet friendly and fun-loving bar with a devoted team of local bartenders and chefs spreading the word about the good times, refreshingly good cocktails and amazing local food with a whole lot of jungle love. A place designed for a pleasant and great night out with family or friends. It's called the "Monkey Bar" for a reason! Escape the hustle of the city and enjoy a dinner and a drink in an old town jungle.

Centrum Dezerty Veganské Přátelský mazlíček Vegetariánský Ryba Grilované pokrmy Těstoviny Snídaně Moderní kuchyně
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