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Brzet 4, Omiš
T: +385 (0)21 861 075
M: +385 (0)98 250 054
E: brzi.gonzales.brzet@gmail.com
FB: Brzi Gonzales Facebook

pizzeria pečenjarnica brzi gonzales

pizzeria pečenjarnica brzi gonzales

Pracovní doba: 08:00 - 24:00

Otevřeno: 01.05 - 30.10.

A quaint little restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea. We offer a wide selection of tortillas, fajitas, pizzas, as well as grilled meat and a fish or two to boot.

Knezova Kačića 2, Omiš
M: 091/188-72-37
E: sretna1008@gmail.com
FB/Inst: None Tonka



Pracovní doba:

10:00 – 22:00 (05.06. - 01.07.);
09:00 – 23:00 (01.07.- 30.10.)

Centrum Tradiční kuchyně Dezerty Soparník Veganské Přátelský mazlíček Vegetariánský Pizza Ryba U moře Moderní kuchyně

Kanjon rijeke Cetine, Franje Josipa 1, Omiš
T: +385 (0)21 861 783
M: +385 (0)99 314 6220
E: info@radmanove-mlinice.hr
W: www.radmanove-mlinice.hr

Kaštil Slanica

Kaštil Slanica

Pracovní doba: 10:00 – 23:00

As part of the centuries-old history of the canyon, restaurant Kaštil Slanica stands out for its exceptional ambience and offer reflecting its surroundings and the glorious past. Kaštil Slanica is home to specialties of the rocky Omiš mountains, the Cetina River and the sea.

Tradiční kuchyně Dezerty Soparník Veganské Přátelský mazlíček Vegetariánský Ryba Grilované pokrmy Těstoviny Obsah pro děti Snídaně Moderní kuchyně Říční speciality Pobřeží

Knezova Kačića 4, Omiš
T: +385 (0)21 861 328
M: +385 (0)91 577 9999
W: www.facebook.com/konobaunasegmarina/

konoba u našeg marina

konoba u našeg marina

Pracovní doba: 08:00-13:00, 17:00 -24:00

Welcome to the first and oldest Dalmatian tavern with a long family tradition of hospitality. It was founded in 1969 by Emilija and Marin Mindoljević, lovers of antiques and good food. In a relaxed homey ambience, we offer traditional Dalmatian dishes, fish and meat specialties

Centrum Tradiční kuchyně Přátelský mazlíček Ryba Grilované pokrmy Těstoviny

Poljički trg 1, Omiš
T: +385 (0)91 2537 418
E: konoba.caca@gmail.com
W: www. restoran-caca.hr

konoba ćaća

konoba ćaća

Pracovní doba: 08:00 – 24:00

Otevřeno: 01.05.-01.10.

Konoba is located on the banks of the river Cetina with a beautiful view of the canyon. We serve traditional Dalmatian food prepared in a modern way.

Centrum Tradiční kuchyně Přátelský mazlíček Ryba Grilované pokrmy Obsah pro děti Snídaně

Vangrad 1-3 , Omiš
T: +385 (0)97 752 4850
E: ivanpivcevic98@gmail.com

restoran libero

restoran libero

Pracovní doba: 10:00-00:00

Otevřeno: 01.06.-01.10.

Libero Restaurant is located in the city center near the city gates, where you can enjoy the outdoor terrace of the restaurant with a handful of stones, greenery of flowers and live music with a guitar. In addition to the pleasant ambience provided by the old part of the town of Omis, we offer lunch and dinner services in a combination of Mediterranean, modern and Croatian cuisine. We hope that you will find a dish for yourself and at the same time enjoy the service of local waiters and the ambience of the old town.

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